​Modernization of your current elevator equipment

Elevators are specialized equipment that we rely on every day. Like all equipment its subject to age, obsolescence, technology advancements and new code requirements. When the time comes to upgrade, General Elevator Solutions (GES) is your answer. Elevator modernization is our specialty and we take pride in every project we’ve successfully undertaken. To ensure you are aware of all options, GES will guide you, step-by-step, from start to finish. Within the last five years, we have completed hundreds of elevator modernization projects. We have the knowledge and experience to design and install the correct elevator equipment that would meet your individual project needs. Additionally, we offer the most competitive prices in South West Florida.

At General Elevator Solutions we are committed to using only non-proprietary equipment on our modernization projects. Non-proprietary equipment means that, outside of the manufacturer, you as the owner preserve your freedom of choice in who services your elevator. The importance of this detail cannot be overstated because it protects your substantial investment. The ability to choose between all providers ensures that you always receive the best possible service at competitive rates. Most of the large international companies manufacture their own proprietary equipment. As the customer, this is detrimental to you. First, and foremost, the elevator equipment is specifically designed so that only the installing company can perform service. They can keep their software and parts away from competitors, and in turn, locking you, for years, into their maintenance programs. Also, international companies will sometimes install equipment at less cost knowing they will recoup their expense later through a service contract. Second, proprietary equipment, sold by international companies, specialize in different styles of equipment, which in turn, they will attempt to sell you what they want instead of what you need. Third, some companies only install traction style elevators. If a hydraulic system is already installed, the extra cost involved in switching to a traction elevator, may not make sense. Using only non-proprietary equipment gives us the freedom to design and install the optimum system to fit your unique property.

The GES elevator modernization process starts with a consultation and site survey with one of our modernization specialists and an account manager. Our team is experienced with older elevator equipment and current, new technology. Together, they will assess your current equipment and then design a system that will meet your needs. Your account manager will guide you through the process, helping you understand your options, the costs involved, how you’ll realize return on your investment, and then keeping you updated on the progress of your project step by step. 

We take pride in the professionalism of our modernization technicians. From removal of the old existing equipment, to installing your new system. Our goal is to complete your project with as little inconvenience to our customers as possible. We work with our clients to set project schedules that work for them and promptly complete your installation as predetermined.  Your needs are always our first consideration every step of the way.  

Contact our office and speak with a specialist today for more information about modernization and the benefits of non-proprietary equipment